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Kindy Sheets

Confused about kids sheets?

One of the biggest challenges faced by parents getting their children ready for kindy / daycare, is finding sheets to suit the style of beds at their new kindy.
The best way to find what size sheets suit your new kindy / daycare is just to ask them.   They will let you know the necessary measurements and whether elastic corners are required or not.

Any size specifications or other requirements can be entered into our Extra Information box in the kindy sheet ordering section.   This way you can get exactly what your kindy requires.

Sheet sizes don't have to exact.   The following table shows how our easy sheet size selectors can cover most kindy / daycare beds.

Kindy / Daycare Bed  

Rest Easy Bed  
Folding Kindy Mat  
Rainbow Bed Mat  
Children's Bed  
Children's Compact Bed  
Kozy Koala Sleep Mat  
Peg Mat  
Stacker Mat  
Peg Bed Mats  
Stacker Bed  
Toddler Cot  
Stacker Bed  

  KindyStuff Sheet Selectors

If you require any other sheet size just type the details into the extra information field, in the kindy sheet ordering section of our store, and they can be made to order.

The Rest Easy Bed, Children's Bed and Children's Compact Bed all look very similar to the bed pictured below.

kids bed

Whether it's Kindy sheets or Daycare sheets just let us know the size and we'll make them for you.   Our sheets are embroidered with your child's name and are delivered to you with a sheet bag also embroidered with your child's name.

Our sheet bags are large enough to carry our personalised pillows too!   The pillow is Australian made, odour free and hypoallergenic.   It is of superior quality with a soft polyester filling and cotton cover.   The pillow comes with a polycotton pillow slip and has your child's name embroidered in the top right corner.
They are approximately 36cm x 30cm.

We hope this information is helpful to you.   If you need more help please feel free to contact us.

The KindyStuff Team.