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Subo Food bottles


The subo food bottle is the perfect way to give your child a quick snack or meal on the go, without the need to clean up afterwards.
The food bottle allows babies, toddlers and children to feed themselves independently. It is great for use on the go and works best with healthy homemade purèes, smoothies, yogurts and mashed foods.
The re-usable food bottle helps families to save money and to be more environmentally friendly by eliminating the need to buy and dispose of expensive single use squeezable packaged foods. Because the food bottle is non-squeezable it reduces the chance of children creating a wasteful mess.
subo Food bottle
subo Benji
Subo Benji Food Bottle

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subo Penelope
Subo Penelope Food Bottle

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subo Monty
Subo Monty Food Bottle

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